WordPress is a very powerful content management system (CMS). And, one of the great advantages of WordPress is that it is easy to use even if you’re not a web developer.

That said, if you’re new to WordPress, you WILL need to spend some time learning how to use the system so that you can efficiently manage your website.  You’ll need to learn how to add new content, edit existing content, upload images, manage comments, configure widgets, and a variety of other site management tasks.

I make it a lot easier to acquire the skills you need to use your new WordPress website.

Comprehensive Video Training

Every site I create comes with a comprehensive set of training videos built right into your website admin panel.  The videos are professionally presented and will help you get up and running with WordPress in no time.  And, if you forget how to do something, you can return to the tutorial videos at any time for a refresher.

Via the videos, you can quickly learn how to use the site dashboard, create and publish posts and pages, manage images, add and configure widgets, and deal with comments.

There are even videos in the package that explain how to gain vital insights into your site visitors using Google Analytics and optimise the content you publish for search engines via the Yoast SEO plugin.

WordPress Training Videos

User Manual

As well as the video tutorials, I also include a User Manual that covers all aspects of using WordPress.  Like the videos, the manual is accessible directly from your WordPress admin panel.  And, I’ll send you a separate PDF version of the manual as well.

WordPress Training Manual

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