As well as building websites, I also own and manage Hoax-Slayer, a site that debunks Internet hoaxes, exposes online scams, and discusses important computer security issues.

Hoax-Slayer is a popular website and receives well over a million visits every month. And, fairly regularly, a story published on the site will “go viral” and attract a great many site visitors in a short space of time.

For example, in early October 2018, a silly Facebook “hacker” warning hoax was shared so many times that it just about melted the interwebs. My story about the hoax received very large numbers of visitors and, as a result, there was a huge spike in traffic to the website.

Website Traffic Spike - Hoax-Slayer

Can Your Web Host Handle Major Traffic Spikes?

A few months back, I migrated Hoax-Slayer to an ultra fast and super reliable hosting solution provided by WordPress hosting experts Flywheel. And I could not be happier with the company’s service and support.

Despite the massive October traffic spike, the site never missed a beat. It remained fully available and did not slow down despite very large numbers of people visiting the site at the same time during the spike.

Alas, this has not always been the case. Before I moved to Flywheel hosting, such huge traffic spikes would often cause site articles to load so slowly that many visitors would just get frustrated and give up. And, sometimes the site would go offline completely.

One hosting company I used not only killed the site during spikes but displayed a misleading and unhelpful “This Site Has Been  Suspended” error message. Visitors who encountered the error message not unreasonably assumed that I had done something wrong and had been suspended. Of course, the only thing that I had done “wrong” was publish a story that got a lot of visitors.

Good Quality Web Hosting is Vital

Even if your site does not receive millions of visitors a month, it still needs to be reliable and fast loading. With low-quality hosting, even minor traffic spikes may negatively impact your website. Site outages and slowdowns can seriously damage your credibility. They can lose you customers and followers.  That is why it is vital to choose good quality web hosting for your website.

Don’t be fooled by cheap hosting packages that promise unlimited traffic and a raft of other supposed benefits. When choosing web hosting, keep the old adage “you get what you pay for” firmly in mind.

I Can Build, Host, and Manage Your Website

If I build your website for you, I’ll host it on Flywheel. So, your new site will have the same speed and reliability that high traffic websites like Hoax-Slayer enjoy.

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