If you are planning on having a website built for your business, you (or your web designer) will need to choose a hosting company to host the site.

Not sure what that means?  Here’s a quick explanation.

Web Hosting Explained

A web host is a company that provides storage for your website’s files and allows visitors to view your site via their web browsers. Site files are stored on powerful web servers (computers) owned and maintained by the hosting company.

Website owners pay a yearly or monthly fee to the hosting company.  Web hosting is a very competitive field and there are a great many companies offering such services.

Be Wary of Very Cheap Hosting Packages

Some companies offer inexpensive entry level hosting packages. Such cheap hosting may look enticing, but, ultimately, you get what you pay for. Because there are so many sites sharing resources on these low-end hosting packages, sites can often load slowly and even go offline altogether.

Another trap with these cheap packages is that they tend to offer you a really low price for the first year and then increase the price substantially for subsequent years. While the first year’s fee might be quite reasonable, the inflated fee for subsequent years is actually quite expensive for such a limited hosting package.

Thus, at least in the long run, these deals aren’t near as good as they may seem. So, it’s worth considering paying a little more from the outset to get really reliable, good quality hosting.

Good Quality Hosting is Vital For Your Business

For a business, it’s vital that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and that your site loads as quickly as possible. Options such as robust site security monitoring and regular site backups are also important considerations.

With so many hosting companies and packages available, choosing a suitable host can be a bit confusing. Doing a Google search for “web hosting” will give you plenty of sites to check out. Once you’ve narrowed down the field a little, seek out some independent reviews on the companies to help you decide.

For WordPress hosting, I recommend either FlyWheel or SiteGround. Both companies offer a very reliable service and good support.

I use Flywheel to host my own websites and  those I build and manage for clients. Flywheel only hosts WordPress websites, so their servers and systems are specifically tuned just for WordPress. This translates to very fast and reliable hosting.

They also offer robust security and great support. If  I build and manage your business website for you, I’ll host your site on Flywheel as part of the package.

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