I specialize in creating practical but elegant websites that give businesses a solid online presence and provide information to customers in a clear and concise way. I not only build your site, I also host and manage it. I charge a one-off fee to build the site and then charge you an ongoing monthly fee to cover hosting, management, and maintenance. And, I’ll also do most site alterations and additions you require without charging you any extra fees.

The cost of creating and managing your website may vary depending on your specific needs. However, here’s what I charge for a standard business website (see a breakdown of a “standard business website” below).

Unless your site has complex requirements, the cost will likely be close to these figures.

Initial Site Build
One time only
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Hosting and Management
Per Month
Ongoing monthly fee
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No obligation or contracts

If you decide that you no longer want to continue with the hosting and management arrangement, you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice. I’ll zip up your site files and send them to you.


What’s in a Standard Business Website

A standard small business website usually consists of something like the following:

  • Home Page – Information about the business, what it does, fees, service area, how to make contact and other important details.
  • About Page – More in-depth information about the business and it’s history along with owner and staff profiles, a mission statement and other pertinent details.
  • Service Pages – Separate pages that describe in more detail each of the business’s main services
  • Contact Page – A page with a contact form, phone numbers and maps as required.
  • Blog or News Page – News or milestones for the business, descriptions of recent work, industry news and other related information.
  • Privacy Policy – A page containing the site’s privacy and cookie policy.
  • Terms of Service Page – A page outlining the website’s terms of service.

All pages on the site would normally have quick contact details and links to social media pages such as Facebook in the header and/or footer of the pages.
That’s a general guideline, but, of course, your site will be tailored to specifically suit your needs.

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