I’m looking to slowly extract myself from Facebook because I’m sick of the contemptible way that the company treats its users. As has often been said, on Facebook, we are the product rather than the customer.

They sell or share our data with no thought to ethics or consequences, often without our knowledge. They allow their platform to be used for all manner of scams and nefarious activity and take virtually no action to curtail it.

In short, they care not one iota for the safety, security, and privacy of their users so long as they continue to make profits. And, I’m pretty much over it.

That said, leaving Facebook can be surprisingly hard.

Insidiously, over a number of years, Facebook has become the primary way that many of us stay in touch with our family and friends. So, just killing your Facebook account outright can leave you feeling isolated and out of touch. But, the good news is that there are actually really good alternatives to Facebook that don’t have the same problems.

One that I think is excellent is MeWe. All the core functionality of the site is free. However, unlike Facebook,  the company does not generate revenue via ads or by selling your data and manipulating you. Instead, they offer optional extras that you can buy. Extra storage space, themes, Emoji Packs, extra private encrypted one-on-one chats, voice and video calling, with more offerings to come. All for just a few dollars.  

This instantly changes the dynamic between the company and its users. On MeWe we are customers, not data and we are NOT treated with contempt. 

And, the platform is simple to use. If you are a Facebook user, you’ll likely get a handle on MeWe in just a few minutes. And, like Facebook, MeWe allows you to create or follow Groups and Pages.

MeWe Profile

From the MeWe Press Page

MeWe is the Next-Gen Social Network that actually respects the privacy of its members. No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. Your world is #Not4Sale.

MeWe, the Next-Gen Social Network, built by Sgrouples Inc., is a mobile and desktop technological tour de force for 1:1 and group communication. MeWe is a safe and private platform that allows people to freely communicate online the same way they do offline: with people they actually know and like and with people they share common interests.


Because Facebook is so entrenched in our lives, it might take time to entice your family and friends to join you on a new platform. But, some gentle prompting over time might just do the trick.

New Nibbles and Bytes MeWe Page:

I’ve also created a new Nibbles and Bytes MeWe Page.

Nibbles & Bytes (Nibbs) started as a simple tech blog over on blogger dot com back around 2006. In the years since it’s seen various incarnations and shifted focused several times. For a few years, I hosted the blog on its own WordPress site. But, I decided to shut the site down last year due to time restraints and too many other commitments.

But my new MeWe Page will allow me to keep the project alive. I’ll be posting about various tech topics, linking to posts on blogs I own and manage, linking to cool sites I’ve come across, and heaps more.

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Nibbles and Bytes MeWe Page