Project Page for Jenny Hayworth - RedHut Media


Jenny Hayworth is an Australian based author who wrote the award-winning memoir Inside/Outside.  She had an existing website that was somewhat outdated and no longer met her needs.


Jenny needed a website that described and promoted her book and allowed visitors to buy the book via Amazon. She needed the site to feature the awards that she has received and include some of her book reviews. Jenny also wanted us to incorporate a blog that would allow her to easily write and publish articles and communicate with followers.

And, she wanted to include links to her author Facebook Page and allow visitors to contact her directly via email.

She wanted the look of the site to reflect the duality of the inside/outside internal world that she describes in her book.


For Jenny’s site, I opted for a clean black and white colour scheme that acts as a visual metaphor for her Inside/Outside world. And, the black portion of the layout rises from darkness to a golden sunrise thereby evoking the uplifting and inspiring underlying message in Jenny’s book.

I created the site using WordPress and the Genesis Theme Framework. The site is fully responsive and is easy to navigate. I included a blog as well as an About page, a Reviews page, and a Contact page. And, main menu links and other buttons throughout the site link to the Amazon listing for Jenny’s book as well as her Facebook Page.

Because the site is built on WordPress it is easy for Jenny to update and maintain. She is able to publish new blog posts whenever she likes.