Search engine giant Google is increasingly pushing website owners and managers to install SSL certificates if they have not already done so.

All HTTP sites are now flagged as non-secure in the Google Chrome Browser:

Not Secure URL

Here is what you need your customers to be seeing when they visit your website:

Secure URL

Why is this so important for website owners?

The “not secure” flag can lessen your credibility and scare off your site visitors. That little “not secure” message might be enough to make potential customers exit your website and go to your competitor’s (secure) website instead.

Moreover, secure sites likely receive a search engine ranking boost over their non-secure counterparts.

And, of course, a more secure Intenet benefits us all and as website owners and managers, we should be embracing this change rather than fighting against it.

What is ‘SSL’ Anyway?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Briefly put, its the technology that keeps an internet connection secure and protects data that is being sent between two systems.

If you are not familiar with SSL, this short video should bring you up to speed:

Get A Free SSL Certificate Installed

I make sure that all the sites I build have an SSL certificate installed before they go live. So, your new website will have the green “secure” padlock in the address bar from day one.

And, installing an SSL certificate will not cost you any extra.

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