A great way to promote an art piece online is to include an image that shows the piece already hanging in a room.

This allows potential buyers to visualise the piece in their own home or office and can certainly increase sales.  

Of course, you could simply take a photograph of the art piece hanging on a wall in your own home or one of your friend’s homes. But, while this can work well in some cases, you might not always have access to a room that suits the particular look you are after.

I’ve found the easiest way to create in situ room view art images is to use stock images and some fairly simple image editing.

Note: I use Adobe Photoshop and the following tutorial reflects this. However, other image editing software that allows you to use layers and combine one or more images will no doubt do the same job.

Room View Image Tutorial

1: Find a suitable room image

Stock image websites offer vast numbers of very professional room images that are suitable for this purpose. Try using search terms such as “room interior” “office interior”, “modern room”, and related phrases to locate an image that you would like to use.

Of course, stock images are not free and you’ll need to have a subscription to the stock photo site or purchase a licence to use your chosen room view image. Also, check the stock photo site’s licence agreement to ensure that your intended use falls within its usage guidelines.

If you are on a tight budget, you may be able to find suitable images on free image websites such as Pixabay.com, StockSnap.io and many others.

But, a word of warning. Don’t be tempted to just take images you find during a normal image search. Using a copyrighted image without permission could get you into legal trouble and seriously damage your reputation both as an artist and as an online seller. Plus, it’s simply unethical.

2: Load Images into Photoshop
First, load your chosen room view image into Photoshop. At this stage, you’ll probably already have a good quality photograph of the art piece that you want to promote. So, create a copy of this photograph and load it into Photoshop as well.

3: Resize the art piece photograph
Resize the art photo ready to place on the wall of your room view image. What size you make it will depend on both the size of the room view image and the size of the art piece photograph. You’ll just need to experiment until you get a size that looks to scale.

4: Combine Images
Place your resized art photograph in the room view image. To do this, go to Select > All to select the entire art piece photo. Now, hit Command + C  (Control + C on PC) to copy the selection, open up the room view image and hit Command + V (Control + V on PC) to paste it somewhere near where you’d like it to appear.

5: Move to Final Position
Use the move tool in Photoshop to position the picture exactly where you want it. You can use the transform tool to change the size if necessary.

6: Add a drop shadow
At this point, the picture will probably look rather flat and unrealistic on the wall. But you can give the image some depth by just adding a drop shadow. Double click on the art piece photo layer to open the Layer Style panel and click on Drop Shadow. Experiment with the drop shadow size, opacity, direction, and colour until you achieve a look that you like.

That’s it! You can now save your room view image and upload it to your website or eCommerce platform as appropriate.

Room View Image

A Note on Scale

You’ll want the art piece to look reasonably to scale on your wall. For example, having a small art piece taking up almost the whole wall might give potential buyers the wrong impression.

You could probably do some calculations to work out the exact image size that you needed. Maths is not my strong point, so I just make an informed guess by comparing the original art piece to furniture in my house. After all, you are just trying to give buyers an impression of what your piece might look like hanging in their home.

If you like, you could add an “Image not to scale” disclaimer to inform viewers that the size might not be exact.

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