Screenshot of Hoax-Slayer Website
I created the Hoax-Slayer website in 2004. Hoax-Slayer began in 2003 as a small Yahoo email discussion group. It has evolved into a large media property that receives well over a million visitors per month. The goal of the Hoax-Slayer Website is to help make the Internet a safer, more pleasant and more productive environment by:
  • Debunking email and Internet hoaxes
  • Thwarting Internet scammers
  • Educating web users about email and Internet security issues
  • Combating spam
I built the original version of the Hoax-Slayer website in straight HTML using just a simple text editor. In later years, I moved the site to the WordPress platform. Hoax-Slayer is a very large site with thousands of posts and pages.  WordPress makes it much easier to manage, maintain, and update even a very large website like Hoax-Slayer. As a result of moving to WordPress, I can spend much more of my time writing articles and much less time performing mundane site maintenance tasks. So, I can offer even more content to regular followers and visitors.