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Easy Done Concreting is owned and operated by Caleb Davy in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Caleb has a great deal of experience in the concreting field and he and his crew have undertaken many jobs – large and small – all over Brisbane.


Caleb needed a website that not only promotes his services but showcases his work as well. The site needed to clearly describe the types of services he provides and make it easy for people to request a quote.


I built Caleb a modern website that clearly describes who he is, where his business operates, and what services he provides all on the home page. The home page also links to project pages that allow potential customers to see the types of work that Caleb and his crew can do. I incorporated Caleb’s phone number, email contact link, and Facebook Page link in both the header and footer of every page to make it easy for people to get in touch. The site also has a separate Contact Us page and a blog.

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