Deborah Christensen Artist Website


My wife Deborah Christensen is an artist.

Created from emotion and a place of rawness and honesty, her paintings reflect not just a connection with ‘place’ but also with ‘self’.


Deborah needed an eCommerce website that allowed her to sell her artwork directly to customers locally, around Australia, and overseas as well.  She wanted the site to incorporate an email newsletter that customers could subscribe to during checkout. And, she needed a blog that allowed her to publish art related articles and promotional material.

The site needed to be integrated with Deborah’s art-related social media feeds and have a contact page that visitors could use to email her.  And, the site needed to have a Shop page, an FAQ, an About Page, and other pages describing her services.  Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages also needed to be included.


I built the site so that it focuses primarily on selling Deborah’s artwork. I used WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin to make it easy for customers to buy artwork, not only from the dedicated shop page, but also from the home page, blog posts, and elsewhere on the site.

I hooked the eCommerce platform to Stripe, PayPal, AfterPay, and direct bank transfer to give customers a variety of payment options.

And, I integrated a MailChimp mailing list into the checkout system.  I added a professional privacy policy document, a Terms of Service Page, and the other pages Deborah needed.

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