Dark mode is something of a trend right now and for good reason. It’s actually pretty cool!

Embrace The Darkness - Dark Mode

Mojave, the newest operating system for Mac computers, comes with a system-wide dark mode option. When I switched on dark mode, it was love at first sight. Dark Mode is easy on the eyes. And, it gives apps and interfaces a rather elegant new look that I really like.

Dark Reader

So, when I came across a new browser extension called Dark Reader, I was keen to take it for a test drive. And, I love it!

It turns just about EVERYTHING dark!  Even the WordPress editor. I love writing in dark mode, so a dark WordPress Editor experience was a pleasant surprise.

Dark Mode Word Press Ediitor

And, you can easily switch dark mode on and off by clicking on the Dark Reader toolbar icon. You can tweak settings to suit your preferences:

Dark Reader Options

Facebook gets a bit of an edgy vibe with dark mode turned on:

Facebook Page in Dark Mode

Even the Google Docs editor is in dark mode:

Dark Mode Google Docs

Check it Out

Bottom line? Dark Reader is a great little tool that may well enhance your computing experience. Even if you don’t desire the dark side too often, having the option to go there whenever you want is rather compelling!

And, Dark Reader is free!  Check it out here.

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