I specialize in creating practical but elegant websites that give businesses a solid online presence and provide information to customers in a clear and concise way.

Some web designers build your site but then expect you to take care of hosting, maintenance, monitoring, updates, backups, and all the other tasks involved in managing a successful website.

And, if you need changes made to your site, you’ll either need to learn how to do it yourself or pay large fees to your web designer.

I take a different approach. I not only build your site, I also host and manage it. I charge a one-off fee to build the site and then charge you an ongoing monthly fee to cover hosting, management, and maintenance.

And, I’ll also do most* site alterations and additions without charging you any extra fees.

This spreads the cost and ensures that you don’t have any unexpected web development fees that will impact your budget.

Building a successful website is a collaborative process. Clients and designers need to communicate effectively and work together to achieve a great result. So, I do everything I can to make the process as smooth and as transparent as possible.

Some web designers choose a theme, build a site framework, and then try to plug the client’s content into this framework.  I don’t think this is the best approach. Often, the design choices made early in the process end up less than optimal when content is added. And this can delay the project if significant changes have to be made. The overall quality of the finished product may even be compromised.

So, I use a content first approach. In other words, I wait until you have submitted all of the text and images that you want to include on your new site and then build the site around this content.

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What I Offer

  • Rock Solid Infrastructure
    I leverage the power of the WordPress platform to deliver fast, modern, and attractive websites.
  • Responsive design
    My websites work well, look good, and load quickly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • SEO friendly
    I build on solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) foundations that can help get your site indexed in Google and other search engines.
  • Rock Solid Web Hosting
    I use ultra fast and super reliable hosting solutions provided by WordPress hosting experts Flywheel.
  • Comprehensive Training Videos
    Every site I create comes with a comprehensive set of training videos built right into your website admin panel. The videos are professionally presented and will help you get up and running with WordPress in no time. Via the videos, you can quickly learn how to use the site dashboard, create and publish blog posts, manage images, deal with comments, and a whole lot more.
  • Social Media Integration
    I can integrate social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter into your website.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic. It offers site owners and managers a wealth of useful data about their website visitors. I’ll set up Google Analytics for your site and give you access to the data if you need it. I’ll also install a plugin that allows you to easily view Google Analytics from within your WordPress Dashboard.
  • 24/7 Site Uptime Monitoring
    I use independent site monitoring services to check your website. These services send requests to your website every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your site goes down, I get notified immediately. I can then take steps to deal with the outage as required. If necessary, I’ll contact hosting company support staff for assistance. And, if the outage is longer than a few minutes, I’ll contact you with the details and keep you informed on progress.
  • Privacy Policy
    These days, it’s important to have a professional privacy and cookie policy on your site to cover GDPR and similar privacy guidelines.  I create a professional privacy policy based on your site’s configuration and functionality and integrate it directly into your website.
  • Domain Name and Email Setup Assistance
    If you have not already done so, you will need to register a domain name (web address) to use for your website. And, optionally, you may wish to create business email accounts that use this domain. I can offer advice and assistance to help you get these set up. You can read more about setting up domains and email accounts here.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Your entire website will be backed up automatically every single night and this backup is stored on an external website. If a major problem occurs with your site, I can restore it from one of these backups and have your site up and running again within a few minutes. If a restore becomes necessary, I’ll let you know what happened and inform you when the site is restored.
  • Security Monitoring
    Your website is regularly scanned for malware attacks and hacking attempts at the server level by the hosting company. But, in the event that a malware infection or hacking attempt is successful, I’ll work with the hosting company to get the site cleaned up as quickly as possible.
  • WordPress, Plugin, and Theme Updates
    WordPress regularly releases updates for the platform. These updates can increase security, rectify software errors, and enhance functionality so it is important that they are installed as soon as possible.  I ensure that these updates are installed and that your website works as expected after the update. I also update your site plugins and themes as required. Again, this is important because outdated themes and plugins may have vulnerabilities that make your site less secure. And, an outdated plugin may no longer do the job it is designed to do.
  • Monthly Manual Review
    Once per month I will manually check your website for problems. I’ll check for broken links, make sure that site content is displaying correctly on different types of devices, and fix or take note of any problems.
  • VIP Support
    If you encounter a problem when using the site or notice something that is not working correctly, just contact me and I’ll deal with it for you.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    You can make payments via secure credit card transactions or via direct bank transfers. After you’ve made a payment, I’ll send you a receipt for your records.
  • Site Edits
    Your monthly fees include site edits and alterations so that you won’t incur extra web development costs for making changes to your website. For example, if you want to change or add text or photographs to your existing site pages, change site colours, or add further pages, just contact me and I’ll do the work for you without charging you any extra.

    Major site changes are not included in the monthly fee and would incur extra charges. For example, if you wanted to turn the site into an eCommerce platform or substantially change the layout or appearance of the site, then extra charges would apply.


The cost of creating and managing your website may vary depending on your specific needs. However, here’s what I charge for a standard business website (see a breakdown of a “standard business website” below).

Unless your site has complex requirements, the cost will likely be close to these figures.

Initial Site Build
One time only
One-Off Payment
Prices in Australian dollars (AUD)
Talk to Me
Hosting and Management
Per Month
Ongoing monthly fee
Prices in Australian dollars (AUD)
Talk to Me



Let’s get started!


No obligation or contracts

If you decide that you no longer want to continue with the hosting and management arrangement, you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice. I’ll zip up your site files and send them to you.


What’s in a Standard Business Website

A standard small business website usually consists of something like the following:

  • Home Page – Information about the business, what it does, fees, service area, how to make contact and other important details.
  • About Page – More in-depth information about the business and it’s history along with owner and staff profiles, a mission statement and other pertinent details.
  • Service Pages – Separate pages that describe in more detail each of the business’s main services
  • Contact Page – A page with a contact form, phone numbers and maps as required.
  • Blog or News Page – News or milestones for the business, descriptions of recent work, industry news and other related information.
  • Privacy Policy – A page containing the site’s privacy and cookie policy.
  • Terms of Service Page – A page outlining the website’s terms of service.

All pages on the site would normally have quick contact details and links to social media pages such as Facebook in the header and/or footer of the pages.
That’s a general guideline, but, of course, your site will be tailored to specifically suit your needs.

Let’s get started!

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